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Donations made to any of the Not-For-Profit Groups listed on this page are tax deductible.  The non-profit groups are:  American Occupational Therapy Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Raynaud's Association USA and Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association UK.  Your support is appreciated.

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Hand Pain - Cold Hands
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Amazon Sells the Mouse Hand Warmer and ValueRays Product Line

American Cancer Society - Relay for Life - Our Team Raised Over $3000 in 2009 for Cancer Research! American Cancer Society

American Occupational Therapy Association - Our Partner!  AOTA  American Occupational Therapy Association

The American Occupational Therapy Foundation - A Non-Profit Organization donations are tax deductible. To advance research, education, and leadership in the field of occupational therapy and raise public awareness of the importance of enabling individuals to participate fully in life regardless of their physical, social, mental, or developmental circumstances. American Occupational Therapy Foundation

American Diabetes Association:  Forum Leader & Educator of Poor Circulation Hand Pain Cold Hands American Diabetes Association

Arthritis Foundation:  Forum Leader & Educator for Hand Pain and Cold Hands Arthritis Foundation

Bella Online:  The Voice of Women - Ergonomics Site Bella Online:  The Voice of Women Ergonomics Site

ValueRays® Blog Catalog - Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Cold Hands, Hand Warmer, Cold Mouse Hand, Mouse Hand Warmer Blog Catalog

The ValueRays Prevent Computer-Related Hand Injuries & Geek Cartoon Messages at Cafe Press  Cafe Press

eBay sells the Mouse Hand Warmer and ValueRays Product Line - Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad, Heated Keyboard Pad

Our Partner Online - Elder Store!  Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, ValueRays Warm Mouse Elder Store

electronic GADGETS electronic - A Partner Site of ValueRays USB Hand Warmers electronic GADGETS electronic Sells the Hand Made, Made in USA, Mouse Hand Warmer, non-USB fleece hand warmer pocket pouch

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Read our story on Google!  Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard! Google

 Hand Therapy Resources by Marji hajic, Hand Therapist, Santa Barbara, California Hand Health Resources

iclerisy, website development, technical support, heated mouse, warm mouse  iClerisy, Inc.  Our Parent Company & Partner, Inc. - Authorized ValueRays® Retailer

Made in USA Forever - Sells the Mouse Hand Warmer (non-USB) Made in America - Eco Friendly Hand Warmer Made In USA Forever

Merchant Circle Our Online Partner!  ValueRays Infrared Heated Computer Accessories - Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard! Merchant Circle

National Fibromyalgia Association - Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard Partner National Fibromyalgia Association

OT Connections - Our Partner for ValueRays Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard Pad, Warm Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer.  Infrared heat products for computer users.  USB Heaters. OT Connections

Raynaud's Association USA - Forum Leader & Educator of Cold Hands, Cold Extremities Raynaud's Association USA

Raynaud's Association UK - Forum Leader & Educator about Raynaud's & Scleroderma Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association UK

Retail Me Not is our coupon partner!  Shop Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard and save using coupons from Retail Me Not! Retail Me Not

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USB Hand Warmers - A Partner Site of ValueRays Electronic Gadgets & USB Hand Warmers USB Hand Warmers

ValueRays® Brand Official Website for the ValueRays® Warm Mouse, ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad, ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad, ValueRays® Mouse Hand Warmer - Learn about the value of infrared heat at ValueRays® ValueRays®

Value Rays on Zimbio!  Our Partner in Spreading the Word about Infrared Heaters and the value of USB Hand Warmers Zimbio





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