-3 Pc-ValueRaysŪ USB Warm Mouse & USB Warm Mouse Pad & Mouse Hand WarmerŪ

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ValueRaysŪ 3-Piece Combination Set includes:
1 USB Warm Mouse
1 USB Warm Mouse Pad
1 Mouse Hand WarmerŪ

Price: $84.95

Sale Price: $79.95


ValueRays Replacement Warranty for Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard, Warm Mouse Pad, Mouse Hand Warmer!

ValueRays® USB Infrared Heat Ergonomic Computer Set, USB Hand Warmers, USB Heat for cold hands when using the computer!   Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient Warmth! 

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ValueRays® 3-Piece Combination Set includes:

1 USB Warm Mouse
1 USB Warm Mouse Pad
1 Mouse Hand Warmer®

To see the complete item description of the hand warmers for sale, please visit the product’s individual page. Ergonomic computer accessories sold as sets are discounted compared to purchasing items separately. ValueRays® ergonomic computer accessories provide infrared heat therapy using infrared heaters in the comfort of your home or office. Here’s a brief description of each item:

ValueRays® USB Warm Mouse is an ergonomic USB infrared heated computer mouse designed using a carbon fiber infrared heating element to generate deep healing infrared heat to relax the hand muscles, soothe painful joints, reduce stress and tension of the hand, reduce hand pain and numbness, and create a warm mouse hand. A warm mouse review and reasons to use a warm computer mouse are available in the Learning Center.

ValueRays® USB Warm Mouse Pad is an ergonomic USB infrared heated mouse pad with a carbon fiber infrared heating element to generate infrared heat on the surface of a smooth mouse pad.  Resting the hand and wrist on a warm surface is healthy and helps reduce the onset of computer-related hand injury.  The warm mouse pad’s surface does not get hot; it is warm and safe for people, the computer and the computer mouse. Every ergonomic computer workstation should be equipped with a warming mouse pad.

Mouse Hand Warmer® (non-USB is no longer available - the improved item is available here) is a pouch used to cover the mouse hand with a cozy fleece blanket.  The mouse hand warmer mouse pad is designed to hold any standard sized mouse and mouse pad.  We suggest using the ergonomic USB heated mouse and ergonomic USB heated mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer® to produce infrared heating which is insulated inside the blanket pouch.  The non-USB Mouse Hand Warmer has no cords to get tangled on the desk top.  It’s hand-washable and air-dryable.  The Mouse Hand Warmer® (non-USB) is made in the USA. 

If you have hand pain symptoms, severly cold computer hands and numb cold fingers, please consult a doctor to discuss cold hand causes for a proper hand pain diagnosis.  Do not rely solely on Internet research to define the causes of cold hands and hand pain. For more information about cold hands risk factors, causes of cold hands, and hand warmers for sale, please visit the individual items’ pages and visit the Learning Center Library.


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